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What is a Vortex ECU?

If you race a dirt bike or an ATV, you've probably heard of Vortex ECUs. (If you haven't, now you're in on one of the best-kept secrets of the factory bikes) But what are they? In short, Vortex ECUs are engine management units that allow you to tune and modify engine performance. But there's a lot more to it than that. Keep reading to learn all about Vortex ECUs and how they can help you get the most out of your ride. You can also jump over and see available units and details here.

What is an ECU and how does it work?

An Engine Control Unit (ECU) is a powerful device that controls the motor's electronic fuel injection and the timing of the spark that creates the combustion to create engine power. It senses the position of the engine’s internals using a Crankshaft Position Sensor and uses that information to control that the injectors and ignition system are activated at precisely the correct time.

Internal combustion engines mix oxygen (air) and fuel at precise ratios to create the combustible mixture that produces the engine's power. With too much fuel and too little oxygen, the burn is dirty. On the other hand, with too much oxygen and too little fuel, the output is weak and power is left on the table. (Amongst a ton of other scary and possibly expensive outcomes).

Before fuel injection, engines achieved all this work via mechanical means of a carburetor consisting of jets and air screws. In today's computer-driven world, the ECU does this work with pre-programmed equations and numerical tables.

How can a Vortex ECU improve engine performance?

The Vortex ECU is the ultimate engine tuning tool for those who make any type of engine modifications to their machine. Modifications like aftermarket exhausts, race fuel, intake systems, and any other motor modification are brought to their full potential by supplementing the OEM maps with the customizable tunes you have access to via the use of an aftermarket ECU.

For example, when you install an aftermarket exhaust system like a Yoshimura RS-2 Full Exhaust System, the amount of exhaust capable of being expended increases, and the amount of fuel capable of being burnt increases as well.

To get the full benefit of the exhaust, a customized map for that exact modification will be installed on the ECU thus bringing the horsepower gains to their maximum potential. With correct mapping installed on the ECU, you can expect to see faster and more consistent engine starting, smoother and stronger (or maybe tamed down) power curve, and sometimes seriously unbelievable horsepower gains.

Exactly how much horsepower gain can you expect to see depends on a lot of variables. Depending on the other modifications that have been made, and the time spent customizing the fuel mapping, horsepower gains can vary widely. 

What are some of the features of the Vortex ECU that make it stand out from other brands on the market?

The Vortex ECU is designed to make engine performance tuning easier than ever before. Pre-programmed with 10 performance fuel and ignition maps, the ECU can be instantly plugged in for increased performance without needing to modify any wiring or hardware.

Fuel trim switches are adjustable from a +12.5% to -10% threshold depending on low, mid, and hi throttle bands, while adjustment requires only a screwdriver, and integrated switches provide visual feedback. Additionally, the design is fully encapsulated and O-ring sealed with mounting hardware supplied where required.

The Vortex ECU has features such as V-Boost- a programmable voltage boost circuit for maximizing spark energy across the entire rev range; higher/lower rev limit (where required); and diagnostic flash codes for testing sensor faults and flashing codes to OEM FI light. These outstanding features make the Vortex ECU stand out from competing brands in today's market.

How easy is it to install a Vortex ECU?

Installing a Vortex ECU is actually quite straightforward. In most cases, all that's needed to get the ECU up and running is plugging it directly into the bike's standard wiring harness.

The ECU effortlessly communicates with all the regular engine sensors, like the ECT (Engine Coolant Temperature), IAT (Intake Air Temperature), MAP (Manifold Absolute Pressure), TPS (Throttle Position Sensor) and CPS(Crank Position Sensor).

If a person has even a basic understanding of their motorcycle's or quad's electrical system, installation should not be difficult at all. Depending on the machine's location of the stock ECU, you can be up and running in quite literally minutes.

vortex ecu installed on yfz450r

Is there anything else you should know about Vortex ECUs before making a purchase?

When deciding to purchase a Vortex ECU, it's important to keep all relevant information in mind. Every Vortex product comes with a standard 12-month warranty against manufacturer defects. Additionally, all Vortex products are factory programmed with performance fuel and ignition maps developed by Vortex Ignition engineers in partnership with their race teams worldwide for ultimate performance. While the ECU does not come with a handlebar switch included, this accessory can be purchased separately. Access to tuning software is also required to develop custom tunes and is not included with the purchase of an ECU.

Bottom Line

The Vortex ECU is a magical tool that can help to improve the performance of your engine. With its easy installation and many features, it is worth considering if you are looking for ways to improve your vehicle's performance. For more information on Vortex ECUs, be sure to check out www.waynesburgpowersports.com.

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