Waynesburg Powersports Expands | New Adventures in Powersports Dominance with Honda and Polaris at Waynesburg Powersports North


In the world of powersport adventures, some names stand out, leaving a trail of legacy and leadership. Waynesburg Yamaha has propelled itself as one such name, consistently echoing across the terrain of off-road racing thanks to our community of passionate riders. And today, as we steer into a new chapter, it’s time to share some exciting news.

Waynesburg Yamaha: A Journey from Passion to Leadership

 From our humble beginnings as Waynesburg Yamaha, a dealership serving Yamaha customers in the southwestern PA region, to the transformation into Waynesburg Powersports, one of the largest KTM brand family dealers in the United States, our journey and brand growth have been nothing short of a thrilling ride.

 But what's a leader if not one that constantly seeks to elevate the experience for its community? 

Embracing a New Horizon with Honda & Polaris

 Barnhart's Honda and Polaris, a name synonymous with dedication and trust in the tri-county region of southwestern Pennsylvania, now becomes part of the Waynesburg Powersports family. With this exciting acquisition, the Barnhart’s Honda and Polaris location has transitioned to Waynesburg Powersports North, adding to our flagship establishment, Waynesburg Powersports South. (previously Waynesburg Yamaha)

What does this acquisition mean for our riders, and our ATV/UTV enthusiasts?

  1. Unparalleled Choices: With the addition of Honda and Polaris, our already extensive inventory is set to become an off-roader’s dream. Your adventures can now be backed by a Waynesburg Powersports brand of choice between KTM, Husqvarna, GasGas, Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki, and Polaris.The Waynesburg Powersports North location will house the Honda and Polaris Brands, while the flagship Waynesburg Powersports South location will continue to provide you with Yamaha, KTM/Husqvarna/GasGas, Suzuki, and WP Suspension.
  1. Unrivaled Customer Service: Waynesburg Powersports, with its unmatched expertise and reputation as the nation's top KTM dealer, one of few trusted WP Service Centers, and one of the most reputable Yamaha dealers in the US, will lead the way in shaping an unparalleled experience at the North location, where it will service both on and off-road Honda and Polaris motorcycles, UTVs, and ATVs.
  1. An Amplified Parts Experience: As a leader in providing the parts people need at the convenience they deserve, the shop.waynesburgpowersports.com online shopping experience will grow to contain a catalogue of Honda and Polaris motorcycle and UTV parts, available to ship directly to your door.

Wide Open Into the Future 

Our focus, as always, remains you, our racing community. As we embrace this acquisition, we're fueled by a renewed commitment to excellence. And while the thrill of new brands and inventory awaits, what remains unchanged is the passion, trust, and commitment that you've cherished with Waynesburg Powersports.


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