Stacyc eDrive electric bike collection

If you’re looking for the perfect gift to give your young rider, a Stacyc eDrive electric balance bike could be your answer. Whether your child is just getting started or wants to take their skills to the next level, an electric balance bike can provide them with countless benefits. From helping develop motor skills to teaching proper body and foot positioning, here are five reasons why investing in a Stacyc electric balance bike is a great choice for any aspiring rider. 

Natural Progression

Learning motor skills, acceleration, braking, balance, and the ultimate do's and dont's of riding two wheels with a motor can be dangerous. Learning the skills young, and at safe speeds, makes this the perfect stepping stone to transition your young ripper to a traditional dirt bike with pre developed skills.

Stability and Maneuverability

The lightweight design of Stacy stability cycles makes it easy for kids of all sizes and abilities to maneuver and control the bike. With its wide base and low center of gravity, riders can easily pick up and manage the bike regardless of its position. This allows children to quickly build their riding skills without having to worry about overbalancing or losing control. They can also pick it right back up, and keep on ripping, without mom and dad having to come to the rescue if they fall over!

Power Output Control

With its twist throttle, kids learn how to manage power output. This teaches them how to control their speed while also getting them used to the idea of power manipulation to keep traction. By mastering these skills they will be able to ride more confidently in various conditions and be ready to tackle the task when stepping up to a more powerful traditional dirt bike without a steep learning curve. Gone are the days of the first timers whisky throttle.

Race Inspired Design

The race inspired design features an atraumatic shape that helps teach proper body and foot positioning when standing on the bike. Proper body positioning takes years for some riders to develop. This design gets that time started young.

Adjustable Seating 

Super easy seat height adjustment allows riders of all sizes and ages to enjoy the same benefits from one bike. With the ability to set the seat low enough that the riders feet can rest flatly on the ground, it enables new riders to easily dab their feet to keep themselves upright, and keep riding. 

Bottom Line

Investing in a Stacyc electric balance bike is a great way for kids of all ages and abilities to get into riding dirt bikes safely and efficiently. Its lightweight design makes it easy for children to maneuver and learn the ropes of turning and accelerating in off road conditions. Its race inspired design helps teach proper body positioning and skill development, while also allowing family members of all sizes and capabilities to have fun together. Whether your child is just starting out or already has some experience under their belt, investing in a Stacyc electric balance bike could be one of the best decisions you make! You can check out the full line up ready to purchase here.

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