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It's no secret: factory bikes are better. From unobtainable one off custom parts, to powerhouse motors with horsepower that us mere mortals will only ever to get to imagine, the factory bikes have the trickest upgrades that exist. In recent years, KTM and Husqvarna have lead the world of offroad racing with the most advanced motorcycles on planet earth. If you've ever taken a deep dive on one of these machines and noticed their suspension looks a bit different than whats on your bike at home, then you've noticed WP Cone Valve Forks and a WP Trax shock.

WP Suspension on Factory Red Bull KTMFactory Red Bull KTM and WP Pro Components  

Here's the cool part: You can buy it.

In this article, we'll give you the overview of this factory secret and tell you how you can get it on your bike at home.

What is Cone Valve Technology?

So what is Cone Valve technology? A conventional rebound damping system includes a mid-speed valve within the cartridge, which serves as a component of the rebound piston design. It generates compression damping along with the base valve. Cone Valve technology replaces the shim stack on a midpseed valve in a conventional damping system, with, you guessed it, a cone. The cone valve consists of a cone adapter, cone, and a cone spring.

 Cone Valve InternalsWP Cone Valve Fork Internals

Limitless Damping Tuning

WP has created three distinct cones, each tailored to specific styles: enduro, motocross, and supercross. Complementing this range is the assortment of cone springs in a multitude of rates. These components come together to create this unique valving system that results in limitless damping performance tuning ability thus establishing the real benefits of the WP Cone Valve fork. You can find each of the specific styles throughout the product offerings of the XACT PRO focused towards motocross models and the EXPLOR PRO focused towards Enduro Models. 

Full WP Pro Components Suspension Package

Cairoli Edition SuspensionCairoli Edition Suspension Package 

The full WP suspension package consists of the WP Cone Valve Forks and a WP Trax shock. This suspension has revolutionized how riders experience riding motorcycles. The technology in each component comes together to create, hands down, some of the most reliable and tunable suspension set up you could wish to accomplish. If you've looked at a factory KTM, Husqvarna, or Gas Gas machine, then you've seen this suspension package.

WP Trax Shock

What makes this shock stand out? First off, this is a full competition shock. That means this shock is manufactured at much tighter tolerances than the shock that comes stock. This results in more reliability and better performance. This aids in limiting shock fade or inconsistencies during testing and racing.

WP Trax Shock


The shock also has a dual compression control system and, of course, the Trax system.

What is the Trax System?

Trax is the name of the upgrade that WP has made over a conventional damping system. This system is a series of springs in the bottom of the shock. When the rear wheel is on the ground, it compresses these springs keeping the shock working in a traditional fashion with rebound damping functioning normal. When the wheel leaves the ground, the clevis extends one millimeter letting the rebound needle drop away from the seating surface and gets the rear wheel back to the ground allowing you to accelerate faster. Hence, traction. See what they did there?

Trax Shock Trax SpringsWP Trax Springs

WP Authorized Center

WP Authorized Center Logo


Waynesburg Powersport's close ties to the professional offroad world of GNCC and motocross has given our team an inside scoop on the best parts there are. Our role in the industry has resulted in supporting some of the fastest offroad riders in the world in their team efforts, as well as establishing ourself as on of the top KTM dealers in the United States. As a trusted KTM partner, we are one of the few certified WP Authorize Service Centers in the United States.

What does this mean? It means that we've had access to some of the most elite parts and components from KTM's factory teams, like their Trax shock and Cone Valve Forks.

Trax Shock and Factory Rockstar Husqvarna

Our team can supply you with these incredible parts, customize your suspension, as well as provide expert advice on installation and maintenance of these items.

WP FactoryWP Factory Facility


EXACT PRO 8946 Shock on MC85XACT Pro 8946 on MC85


We've only brushed the surface of the tech behind the set ups of the best bikes on the track. To learn more head over to www.wp-suspension.com to see the full range of WP Technology and read more on the specifics of each type.

If you're looking to purchase anything WP, we've got a good selection at www.waynesburgpowersports.com/collections/wp. Keep in mind, if you don't see what you want on the online store, you can call the service center and the team will get you what you need.


What does WP stand for in WP Suspension?

"White Power" Suspension refers to the white springs that are synonymous with the brand. When Wim Peters started WP the only coater in Peter's home country made hospital beds, and thus only had white available.

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