YXZ1000R/YXZ1000R SS GYTR Turbo Kit 2019-2023

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Style: 2019-2023 YXZ1000R SS (sport shit model)
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This GYTR turbo kit is the new design Yamaha kit.  BAS-E46F0-V0-00 Fits 2019-2023 YZX1000R SS (sport shift models). B5J-E46F0-S0-00 Fits 2019-2024 YXZ1000R (stick shift models). 

Designed by Yamaha’s advanced team of engineers specifically for the 2019-2023 YXZ1000R and YXZ1000R Sport Shift (SS) models, the all-new Genuine Yamaha Technology Racing (GYTR) Turbo Kit is more powerful and easier to install than previous model years. The GYTR Turbo Kit uses the renowned Garrett GT2554R turbo to meet Yamaha’s highest standards of reliability, while power delivery is meticulously tuned to provide thrilling, confidence-inspiring performance for all drivers.

This kit is legal for sale in California under the California Air Resources Board executive order D-807U-2.


  • Up to a 60% increase in peak power over stock*
  • High performance Garrett GT2554R liquid-cooled ball bearing turbo provides decreased spool time for broad power gains throughout the RPM range
  • Pre-programmed, plug-and-play ECU delivers precise fuel injection settings, enhancing drivability across the entire RPM range for maximum power and maximum fun
  • Large, highly efficient water-to-air intercooler is easier to install, while an integrated cooling fan increases charge-air cooling capacity and prevents heat soak when idling
  • SAE 310S cast stainless steel exhaust manifold reduces weight and eases installation
  • Lightweight molded-silicone intake is less susceptible to power-robbing “heat soak”
  • The high flow air box located between the vehicle’s occupants on the rear panel features a GYTR-branded lid, allows easy, tool-free air filter access, maximizes air intake, and minimizes water/dust intrusion
  • Heightened “turbo whistle” sound for ultimate excitement
  • Relocated water pump does not require cutting of the floorboards and is therefore easier to service, bleed and install
  • Dealer installation recommended
  • IMPORTANT: Requires the use of premium 91-octane gas
  • *Test results using Mustang Dynamometer Chassis dyno at the rear wheels using SAE J1349 correction factor.


      YXZ1000R SS 2019-2023 (sport shift model)
      YXZ1000R 2019-2024 (manual shift model)



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