YFZ450R 24 Volt Starting System with Lithium Battery

Style: 24 Volt Starting System with Antigravity 4-Cell Lithium Battery
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YFZ450R 24 Volt Starting System with Lithium Battery

- Complete kit with all required wiring.  True plug and play.  Our kit comes with a new OEM starter cable with all fittings installed.  No need to crimp or solder anything. 

Used by many top GNCC riders to get lightning fast starts 

- Works with OEM battery or aftermarket

-Either lithium battery option fits into the YFZ plastic side pocket. 

Antigravity 4-Cell Battery Version 

The Antigravity 4-Cell battery is trusted by many top GNCC riders for reliable 24 volt starting.  It is light weight and packs a big punch.  

-All Antigravity battery warranties must go through Antigravity.  We are unable to process battery warranty claims. 

- The Antigravity battery must be disconnected when not in use and charged using an approved Lithium battery charger. 

Super B Small Case Battery Version 

The Super B lithium battery is a higher end battery that is widely used in GNCC pro bikes.  It is the same size as the Antigravity and fits into the YFZ side pocket for 24 volt applications.  Super B's are made in The Netherlands with the upmost attention to detail and quality.   Trusted by Coastal GasGas, Factory KTM and Factory Husqvarna teams.  



Super B




2014-2023 YFZ450R 

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