Yamaha Side View Mirrors

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The Yamaha designed, developed, and tested Side View Mirrors provide an excellent view and unmatched durability. The wide-angle, distortion-free glass viewing area provides great clarity and rearward visibility. Automotive style fold-away action provides  added convenience when pulling in enclosed trailers or on tight trails by reducing the need to readjust the viewing area after folding back. Ultra tough die-cast aluminum pivots provide the durability you come to expect from Yamaha.

  • Wide angle provides the optimal distortion-free view for off road use
  • Scratch resistant glass viewing area
  • Automotive fold-away action
  • Die-cast aluminum pivot mechanism


Note: Mounts are sold separately in another listing. 



    WOLVERINE RMAX 1000 2021-2024
    WOLVERINE X2/X4 850 2018-2024

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