WP XPLOR PRO 8950 Shock 20-23 Linkage Enduro

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Machine and Base Settings: Husqvarna and GasGas Rear Shock
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  • Adjustable low-speed compression damping
  • Adjustable high-speed compression damping
  • New flow optimized main piston for better damping response.
  • New SKF Seal bushings
  • All adjusters reachable from one side
  • Hand-crafted with the highest care and premium materials for the best durability
  • A blend of quality and motorsports success
  • Greater grip and traction

Your shock will arrive 100% ready to install.  We will install a genuine WP spring to match the rider weight and riding style.  Please include your information in the notes section of the listing.  

The multiple world championship titles of our factory riders are the best recommendation for the WP XPLOR PRO 8950 Shock absorbers. They are the most innovative shock absorbers on the market and feature WP SUPERTRAX Technology, which provides high- and low-speed rebound damping. The XPLOR PRO 8950 Shock damping characteristics can be adjusted to suit the rider’s preferences and the specific terrain. By fine-tuning the suspension settings, the rider can optimize the rear wheel’s grip and responsiveness, enhancing control during acceleration. In addition to traction and control, the design of the XPLOR PRO 8950 Shock contributes to overall handling and stability. By absorbing bumps and vibrations, the shock reduces the impact on the rider, minimizing the chances of losing control or being unsettled during acceleration. This allows the rider to maintain a more consistent and controlled riding.

Waynesburg Powersports carries only genuine WP parts and is an authorized WP service center.  Since WP suspension stands for technology and innovation and lives up to the fast pace and versatility of the highly competitive world of motorsports, our designation as an authorized WP service center is not something to be taken lightly.  This was earned by our highly trained technicians who are proud to install and service WP products. Trust in us to help customize your dream suspension today.


2021-2023 GASGAS 250-300 EC

2020-2023 Husqvarna 250-501 FE and 150-300 TE


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