TM Designs Rear Rotor Guard

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TMD State of art rear disc protector, brake caliper guard, and one piece aluminum mounting plate.
Our backing/carrier plate is manufactured from a solid chuck of 6061 aluminum.
Heat treated for superior strength. This allows us to lighten the part and gain strength.
The lower rear disc protector is TRIPLE mounted to the brake caliper plate and captured in place for impacts.
Our proven "Return Memory" plastic formula that absorbs impacts and springs back into position.
The TMD rear disc guard is the only product that provides IN/Out surface plus disc circumference protection.
The cutout are race tested to direct cooling air to disc without sacrificing any strength.
All parts are replaceable and can be purchased separately



YAMAHA (16-22) YZ 250X & 125X

YAMAHA (06-22) YZ 250F

YAMAHA (15-22) YZ 250FX

YAMAHA (06-22) YZ 450F

YAMAHA (16-22) YZ 450FX

YAMAHA (06-22) WR 250F & WR 450F

YAMAHA (06-22) YZ 125 & 250

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