SuperATV Xpedition Brake Lock

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SuperATV Xpedition Brake Lock - MPB-P-XPD-01

Easy-To-Use Brake Lock
We know you’re pretty proud of your Polaris Xpedition—who wouldn’t be?—but that makes it a target. Get SuperATV’s Brake Lock and give yourself peace of mind. It locks your brake pedal down firmly, similar to a parking brake. It’s designed for you to be able to add a padlock as well, making it way harder for a would-be thief to make off with your pride and joy. The brake lock also makes shifting into gear easier if you have to park on a slope. Instead of putting your machine into gear to keep it from sliding backwards, you can count on the brake lock to hold it in place. And it’s a must-have for trailering!

  • Easy to lock and unlock using your foot
  • Compatible with padlocks

Installs with OEM Bolts
This brake lock is super easy to install. You simply remove and reuse OEM hardware to hold it in place. Now that’s easy!

Controlled with One Foot
You can engage and disengage our Xpedition Brake Lock with one foot! Just press down on the lock with your toe to engage it and push the brake to unlock it. It’s that simple.


2024 Xpedition XP

2024 Xpedition XP 5

2024 Xpedition ADV

2024 Xpedition ADV 5

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