RZR Pro XP PRO HD 6000lb Winch

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Pro HD 6000lb Winch - 2883759

Our PRO HD 6,000 LB Winch gives you efficient pulling power on demand for extreme performance. This winch is the perfect marriage between robust pulling power and time saving technology. With Rapid Rope Recovery, you'll be able to retrieve your excess cable 5x faster. The winch features 3 settings: FREE SPOOL to attach the winch hook, PULL for winch mode and RAPID ROPE RECOVERY for faster re-spooling. Integrated Auto Stop Technology stops the winch automatically when the collar touches the fairlead, saving time and preventing over-spooling. While plowing, Auto Stop Technology prevents the plow frame from bending by stopping the winch once the plow has been lifted. The Polaris PRO HD Winch features cut steel gears, sealed drivetrain, sealed permanent magnet motor, and a large hook and strap for convenience and performance. Includes both a wired and wireless remote. The included wireless remote control gives you flexibility to operate the winch within a 50 foot range of your vehicle. Operate your winch safely outside your vehicle while on the job site or trails. The 50 foot synthetic rope provides strong, reliable, tangle-free pulling. Polaris off road vehicles are engineered with designated mounting points and wiring for seamless install of Polaris engineered winches. The winch comes pre-wired and pre-assembled for simple installation. This extremely durable winch is tested 1,200+ pulls at max load, operates fully submerged in water or mud, and is built to withstand -20°F temperatures. Includes all installation hardware and instructions. Military tested & approved for quality.


2020-2024 RZR Pro XP

2020-2024 RZR Pro XP 4

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