Ranger 1000/XP 900/570 Trash Can Hauler

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Polaris Ranger Trash Can Hauler - 2889876

Effortlessly haul your trash cans with our Trash Can Hauler. This receiver-mounted accessory enables slow-speed towing of two trash cans, making it perfect for efficiently transporting them down long driveways. Say goodbye to tedious trips and streamline your waste management process with ease. Upgrade your towing capabilities today.

  • Enables slow-speed towing of two trash cans


    2017-2024 Ranger XP 1000

    2017-2024 Ranger Crew XP 1000

    2020-2024 Ranger 1000

    2020-2024 Ranger Crew 1000

     2023-2024 Ranger Kinetic

    2013-2019 Ranger XP 900

    2011-2014 Ranger 800

    2014-2023 Ranger 570


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