Maxima Racing Oils SC1 Spray

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Maxima Racing SC1 High Gloss Coating

Maxima SC1 Spray is like having a brand new bike right in your hands. With the unrivaled shine this “New Bike in a Can” leaves behind, you can get back to feeling like you just brought your ride home. Gone are the days of dull plastic thanks to the SC1 high-gloss coating that protects and beautifies multiple surfaces including plastic, vinyl, rubber and carbon fiber. Plus, with its water-resistant formulation that is safe for both gloss and matte finishes, it will be easy to keep your ride looking tip top for longer periods of time–no more scrubbing and scouring! Just apply Maxima SC1 Spray anywhere you need it, leave it untouched or buff it to dry sheen for an extra layer of shine; then admire the long-lasting luster that repels mud, dirt and debris. Get ready for some envy when you roll out with your head turning bike made possible by Maxima’s SC1 Spray!

Where should I spray SC1?

Spray SC1 on any surface that you'd like to bring a shine to. This can be radiator hoses, decals, plastics, frame etc. 

Is it safe on Decals?

SC1 brings old scratched decals back to life instantly. Wash and dry your bike, spray on SC1 and let it dry. 

Where should I not use SC1?

DO Not apply to grips, seat, foot pegs, or levers as anywhere you apply the coating will be slick. Also, do not apply to plastics that you wish to apply a graphic to. Of course, if you have applied and plan to put a new graphic on, just wipe the plastic down thoroughly with denatured alcohol to remove any SC1. 


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