Leatt Knee Brace X-Frame

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 The X-Frame Knee Brace is manufactured from Injected Carbon Composite and has a 40% slimmer hinge on the inside to provide superior bike feel, the outer hinge has metal gears for durable and precise movement.
A numbered strapping system for ease and different sized hinge pads are included with a low-profile shin plate all ensure the fit is perfect for you and above all comfortable.
The X-Frame Knee Brace is made of Injected Carbon Composite and is the top-level cage-type knee brace in our range. Engineered to help reduce injuries (ACL, Meniscus, and MCL), it is CE certified as a medical device and as impact protection.

5018010101 (S)

5018010102 (M)

5018010103 (L)

5018010104 (XL)

5018010105 (XXL)

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