Husqvarna Norden 901 Right Side Touratech Carrying Case

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Made of high-strength aluminum

Elegant anodized surface

Easy handling and operation

Easy to mount

Elegant design

Exceptionally robust

Extremely torsion-resistant

Extremely durable

Suitable for long-distance travel

Resistant to the toughest stresses and strains

Permanently and tightly connected to each other by a special riveting process

Proven silicone seal - for a pannier that's dry on the inside, even in the pouring rain

Body made from 1.5 mm thick aluminum

Glass fibre reinforced plastic parts are protecting the corners of the case

Quick mounting with just one lever at the outside of the case

Integrated handle

Dimensions: 443 mm x 283 mm x 393 mm

Load: 10 kg

Locking cylinder for locking the lid are already included in the kit

The hooks for locking the lid are already included



2022-2023 Norden 901

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