Honda Talon XTC Power Products Self Canceling T/S Kit

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XTC Power Products Self Canceling Turn Signal KIT Honda Talon - ATS-HON-S32

Self-Canceling Turn Signal Kit for Honda Talon

XTC Power Products Leads the way in UTV wiring technology. You will never leave your turn signal on with our new Self-Canceling Turn Signal System for the Honda Talon. Similar to its predecessor the TSS (Turn Signal System), the ATS is a Plug and Play easy install Talon turn signal kit. The ATS consists of a small solid-state control box that performs its functions, differing from the prior generation’s larger control box. When you press the turn signal rocker switch, the ATS will activate the turn blinker for a short duration and then self-cancel. This feature is useful for simple lane changes. On the other hand, a longer rocker switch press will yield a longer blinker duration suitable for making left- and right-hand turns. You can manually cancel the turn signal by pushing the actuator a second time. 

Also included in our Self-Canceling Talon turn signal kit is a custom ‘Hazard/Horn’ rocker switch. Pressing the top ‘Hazard’ side of the actuator will turn on the hazard lights, pressing it again deactivates them. Furthermore, pressing the lower portion of the custom rocker switch will activate the included FIAMM horn. Each ATS has a vehicle-specific harness that plugs inline with the rear factory taillight harness. The brake light signal passes through the ATS. As a result, the opposing brake light still functions normally while the activated turn signal brake light flashes. All ATS kits include an auxiliary power out for a license plate light or whip lights.

Plug and Play Easy Install
Includes two .75″ 3 LED front Amber Lights
Plugs into OEM Brake Light Harness, using Factory Rear Lights
Laser Etched LED Lit Turn Switch
Lit Emergency Hazard Switch
Rear Power Out for optional license plate light
Made in the USA!


2019-2024 Talon X

2019-2024 Talon R

2019-2024 Talon X-4

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