Custom Axis Rear Spring ATV Racing Shocks

Racing Application: XC
Rear Shock Spring Options: Single Rate
Adjustments: Compression Only
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Custom Axis is a WP favorite for MX and XC racing.  We have been racing with Axis since the 250r days.  We keep shocks on order with Axis to cut down on the typical build times found when ordering direct.  Current build time is 2-3 weeks if order from Waynesburg Powersports.  

BV's personal recommendation for rear shocks - Single Rate, Plush Ride with Compression and Rebound adjustment.  

Custom Axis, a division of Penske Racing Shocks, is proud to offer the best available suspension systems for your quad. Designed with tune ability, performance, and reliability in mind, our off-road line of shocks will give you the best handling for your vehicle. Built to order specifically for your weight and riding style, our shocks are truly custom shocks.

We offer many internal options and upgrades that allow us to tune for plush corning feel, while maintaining high damping levels that eliminate bottoming over large bumps or jumps.

Custom spring set-ups are also available, ranging from single, dual, or triple rate packages. 

We offer the best customer support. Our technicians are not only the ones building the shocks, they also are our at track reps who also ride themselves. We have local test riders who are continually developing with us to ensure we are offering the best possible set-ups.

The Custom Axis Plush Ride System (PRS)  OPTION 

A patent pending, anti-bottoming system available as an upgrade on our Remote Rear Coil Spring shocks. PRS provides progressively higher damping force as the suspension nears bottom, and is controlled more effectively and consistently than typical bump rubbers. By separating full travel anti-bottoming resistance from normal ride situations, PRS riders enjoy an extremely plush, compliant suspension.

The PRS Advantage

  • Faster Jump Landing Recovery
  • Lower Ride Height
  • Added Stability throughout Cornering
  • Improved Traction
  • Drastically Reduced Rider Fatigue


 The Custom Axis Advantage

  • Billet Aluminum CNC Machined Parts
  • Large Easy to Grab Adjuster Knobs (High/Low Speed Compression, Single Rebound)
  • Custom Built
  • Multiple Spring Options
  • Upgrade able Internal Components
  • Adjustable Ride Height Clevis
  • 100% Engineered, Manufactured, and Hand Built in the USA.

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