Wolverine Powered Subwoofer by SSV Works Rmax2/4 and X2/X4

Sale price$705.99


Nothing makes audio sound better than a Powered Subwoofer. This 8” Subwoofer is custom built to fit under the seat and is completely sealed and waterproof. With 200 watts of power, your friends will feel and hear you coming down the trail.

  • 200 watt amp
  • Custom designed 8” sub with SMC sub enclosure
  • Mounting location under driver’s seat to maintain cargo space
  • Prewiring included for all models equipped with factory audio system
  • Compatible with Heater Kit and Second Battery Kit



      WOLVERINE RMAX2 1000 (2021-2023)

      WOLVERINE RMAX4 1000 (2021-2023)

      WOLVERINE X2 850 (2018-2023)

      WOLERINE X4 850 (2018-2023)

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