Cardo Freecom 4X Bluetooth Headset

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Everything you ever wanted from a Bluetooth® communicator, in one slick compact unit. From Natural Voice Operation allowing hands-free activation, to powerful Sound by JBL audio system, the FREECOM 4X is your hassle-free ticket to staying in sync on every journey.

  • Natural Voice Operation. Just talk, your unit will do the rest.
  • Sound by JBL audio system. Making every ride exceptional.
  • Live Bluetooth Intercom. Wideband sound, self-healing connection.
  • Connects up to 4 riders.
  • Range of up to 1.2km/0.75 mi.
  • Over-The-Air Software Updates. No cables needed, ever!
  • 2-year warranty. For your peace of mind.
  • Seamlessly connects with any other major brand.

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