Waynesburg Powersports wins Big Buck GNCC 2022

The GNCC Racing season is just around the corner, and if you haven't already, it's time to get super serious about crossing off the preparation checklist for the grueling and demanding races on the GNCC schedule that lie ahead.

We checked in with a few of the Waynesburg Powersports pros, like Brycen Neal, to get some top tips on what to do now to ensure you win in South Carolina. Whether you're a seasoned pro or a newcomer to the sport, there are several boxes to check off asap as the series kicks off with the 26th running of the Big Buck GNCC on February 18 and 19 in Union, South Carolina.

Order Race Day Nutrition

First and foremost, physical fitness is crucial for success in GNCC Racing. The races are long and physically demanding. Hopefully you've been working on your training for the last few months. Your cardio, strength, and endurance training should be peaking and it's prime time to check one of the biggest secrets of the pros that will win at Big Buck: race day nutrition. Make sure your race day fuel intake products are on their way now so you can be sure to work them into your workouts over the next few weeks.

You don't want to take down that life saving energy gel at hour 1 and find out at hour 1.5 your gut doesn't like it and has decided to uh, "get rid of it quickly" if you know what we mean. Yikes. Save yourself from disaster, get your fuel on the way now, and start training with it now. One of the best places we know to get amazing endurance products is thefeed.com. They've got anything you need. Our team loves Skratch Super Fuel and Maurten Gels. 

Finalize Settings

If your physical and nutritional prep is crossed off, it's time to finalize settings and gear choice now. We picked up these tips from former GNCC XC2 Pro lites rider Alex Teagarden:

"One of the biggest lessons I learned for opening round success was to stop making changes at least 3 weeks before round 1. You're better off showing up on a bike and in gear that you're used to then showing up with what you "think" is a better setup than you've been on. Knowing exactly how something is going to react and being confident in that setup is better than guessing at anything new."

"Just race what you're used to and break your race bike and even gear in a few times before round 1. Every frame, motor, boots and braces, are going to feel different. Everything on a new race bike needs 3-5 hours on it before it heads to the line of a GNCC race. Especially the opening round. Going to the line with crisp white SG-12s feels awesome but getting to show off boots with a little wear on them on the podium after the race feels a whole lot better." 


Mental preparation is key to success in GNCC Racing. The races are going to be mentally challenging no matter what, and success at the opening round means going into the day with a fresh relaxed mind.

One of the biggest mistakes you can make is leaving any type of gear, bike work, or admin stuff until last minute. Things like hotel reservations and sign up can be way more of a mental task than you'd believe. One of the best ways to relieve race weekend stress is to head over to gnccracing.com and pre-register now. Don't underestimate the time save and stress release this small move can make!

Mental energy needs to be saved so it can be used to to perform during the race. This means the last thing on your mind on race day should be "I hope nothing comes loose on my bike today". Or the classic, "Did I forget my Camelbak?" 

GNCC racing is upon us and we couldn't be more excited. The Waynesburg Powersports pros have shared some top tips on what to do now to ensure you win in South Carolina.

Good Luck

We'll be posting a few more track specific preparation tips (like tire choice) here on the blog over the next few weeks, so be sure to subscribe!

If we don't see you before then, good luck and see ya out there - Waynesburg Powersports Team


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