DWT Champion in a Box Kit

Sale price$549.95


This is the preferred wheel kit for DRR racers.  It uses a lightweight rolled edge from rim and single beadlock rear.  10x5 fronts and 8x8 rears. 
  • 2x Ultimate Rok-Out Wheels, rolled lip, 10x5 4+1 4/144
  • 2x Ultimate G3 Wheels, beadlock with shot peened ring, 8x8 3+5 4/110
  • 2x Nut plate kits, 8": three nut plates, 12 bolts, six pop-rivets
  • 2x Black, 8" DWT mud covers
  • DWT official hat and one CB decal sheet.



DRR all Years 

Honda / Suzuki and Kawasaki MX 

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