Wolverine RMAX4 1000/X4 Cargo Box

Sale price$409.99


The all-new Wolverine X4 has double the passengers, meaning double the storage. Yamaha has created a Rear Cargo Box to provide maximum storage space without sacrificing the versatility of your Wolverine X4. Fits perfectly in the rear cargo area for additional storage with style to match. This lockable box works great with or without Yamaha’s cab systems.

  • Lockable and water-resistant
  • Replaces tailgate for maximum storage
  • Capacity: 28 gallons (approximately 3.8 cubic feet)
  • This “Must Have” accessory is a hand-picked, essential starting point when building your ultimate Wolverine X4


      WOLVERINE RMAX4 1000(2022, 2021)
      WOLVERINE X4 850(2022, 2021, 2020, 2019, 2018)

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